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  1. HI Frank!
    Grizzley Bear Lake , where the heck is it? My husband and i want to go. This is so awesome, thank you for sharing and God Bless you, and Happy Easter!

    Dave’s co-worker

  2. Jacqueline,

    Best access is via Crow Pass trail, from Girdwood
    side, then Clear Creek through Moraine Pass. You should get a trail book for the best directions, like “55 ways into the Wilderness.” Thanks for visiting my site,

    frank baker

  3. Hi Frank. It’s your cousin from down in Pennsylvania, Frank Jr.’s youngest son. Researching the family tree and stumbled on your web site. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Frank,

      Were Frank and Eleanor your parents? Do you have older brothers Rex
      and Al (Ossie?) and a sister Fay? Did you grow up in Adreas? I confess to not being very good about relatives –we’ve always lived in Alaska, so very far away from PA.
      But my father, Kenneth D. Baker, grew up in Reynolds and married my
      mother, Caterine (later Kathyrn) Redline, daughter of Ed Redline. My father’s
      father (my grandfather) was Frank Baker of Reynolds, who worked at Atlas Powder Co. His wife was named Ruth. On that side of the family were Zehners, going way
      back to Germany. If you’ve ever been to the cemetary at Reynolds you will see
      very many headstones with Zehner — they were numerous!

      On my mother’s side (Redline) were the Mertzes, also going back to Germany —
      south of Dresden. My sister (Phyllis) has more geneology info. than I. Hope to hear back from you.

      Frank Edward Baker (age 65)

    • Did you not receive my reply?

      frank baker

  4. Frank, your pictures are just wonderful!. Easy to see why you love Alaska so much! It must have been hard to be marooned in Houston even for a short time. Glad you were (marooned in Houston) or I would not have had the pleasure of getting to know you.

  5. Sorry did not get your previous response, but all that is right. My mother lives with my sister just up the road from my wife and myself here in Andreas. I have been researching the Baker side of the family, but it has been very difficult to find anything beyond Frank Holmes Baker.

    I have not heard anything from Jane in years, i she still living near Philadelphia?

  6. Frankie,

    That’s what we always called you–that’s what they called me too. Good to hear back from you.
    My office e-mail is:

    I’m really bad on geneology of the family — especially the Baker side. My dad’s dad lived in Reynolds, PA and then many on that side of the family were Zehners, which came from a part of Germany to the south of Dresden. I do have contact information for Jane, and yes she’s near Philadelphia: 116 Bobtail Dr. Phoenixville, PA. 19460 Here’s her e-mail but not absolutely sure it’s correct:

    Good luck — I’ll talk to my sister Phyllis about ancestors of Frank H. Baker. I’m glad you got back with me. Don’t hesitate to send e-mail to my office address. I loved your mom and dad and I know your brother Al very well. I visited your farm at Andreas way back when I was about nine–you weren’t born yet. One of your geese chased me all over the place. Take care,

    Frank E. Baker

  7. Jane’s telephone is: (610) 935-5565

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